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Yvonne Laube Designs

[Laser-Cut Bamboo Home Decor created in the Hudson Valley]

Blame it on the cats. Yvonne Laube, a graphic designer with a background in painting, needed a creative outlet with which her cats (and toddler) wouldn't take their own artistic license. Elaborate paper cutting was a fulfilling craft and also easy and quick to clean up. In time, Yvonne translated her paper designs onto bamboo using a laser-cutting machine. This newfound medium gave her the tools to invent an answer to all of the "poorly made and blandly designed" nursery decor on the market. After all, who dictated that baby mobiles should be composed exclusively of a moon and stars? With sustainable and safe materials, Yvonne incorporates her signature pinecone silhouette into geometrically elegant (but not over-worked) woodland-themed designs for the home. Those bears and foxes probably help keep the cats in line, too.